“As a professional, Amy was completely able to take our ideas and bring them to life for us. You will get exactly what you have been searching for with Amy, she is very creative and will make sure of it. If we do another project, Amy would for sure be our choice of designer. It is truly incredible working with Amy! ”

- Mike Davis

“Amy, our home is incredible thanks to you. Where do I start? After having Amy design our restaurant it was clear when we purchased our new home to renovate who we were going to call. The little things in our home now show that Amy really made efforts to understand our lifestyle. The doggy station for food in our kitchen is amazing. Working with Amy it’s clear she is very passionate about what she does. She’s able to remain professional and make the experience enjoyable. Any questions we had were always answered and you get a sense of perfection from beginning to the very end. You’ll see she’s truly a great designer and enjoys what she does.” 

- Ana Goncalves

“I chose Amy Lynn Interiors due to wanting a tailored design for my kitchen as it has a unique layout. I still love the compliments I receive from my guests that come over. Amy truly took initiative to get to understand my lifestyle and my personality to grasp what I needed and gosh Amy delivered! I look forward to our next project together and without a doubt recommend her to anyone.”

- Carol Tatro

“Amy is a designer who listens and is very detail driven. If you are searching for a designer who has an incredible eye and puts her heart and soul into every design, I would highly recommend Amy for all interior home projects.”

- Courtney Blasco

“I have had the pleasure of working with Amy on many different projects over the past few years. Amy is a devoted and passionate designer. Aside from her creativity and impressive design talents, I would say her desire and craving to learn is one of her most admirable traits. Amy has no problem admitting to when she doesn’t have the answer, but does not hesitate to find the answers and develop solutions. Amy wants to dive into the details and understand every part of the process in order to create the best experience possible for her clients as well as her contractors and those that work alongside her. Working with a designer who is passionate, motivated and eager to learn and to grow is someone you want working with you on a project and Amy is that designer.”

- Tyler Grace

“I own an interior remodeling and renovation company, ReModern Builders LLC, located in Boston, MA. After connecting with Amy through instagram, I had the pleasure of working with her on a project in Savin Hill. The project we took on together included 3 full bathrooms, kitchen, living room and other small details throughout the home. Along with her incredible eye for design, Amy is wonderful to work with and is devoted to not only her craft, but also her clients and anyone she works with. From a builder’s perspective, Amy’s organized and thoughtful drawings and sample boards makes her shine. Amy is hands on and is always willing to travel on site to lay things out and get a little dirty if she needs to. Amy is a natural problem solver, very communicative, easy to reach and dedicated to all of her projects. Amy is the first person to come to mind whenever I am asked who I’d recommend for a designer and I look forward to being able to work together in the future!”

- Patrick P

“After working with Amy over 18 months, I have seen firsthand how passionate she is about designing and brings a high level of organization to the table. It is those two things that ensure her projects are not only impressive but also successful with time management and within the budgets discussed. Her creativity inspires each space and is truly unique to each client. Amy does not push her ideas onto you, instead, she takes working with you as an opportunity to learn about you and your lifestyle to better understand what the clients want and what they need.”

- Melissa Hryszko

“A++++ For a great design and an effortless and enjoyable process you must team up with Amy. To have had the opportunity of working on several fantastic projects over the years with her is always a pleasure. From having the best designs and personality I’d recommend Amy to anyone!” 

- Benjamin Pacek

“It is Amy’s attention to all details that create the sexiest homes. Between her upbeat personality and energy mixed with her passion for her job makes her a pleasure to work with and sets her apart from the others. Her communication at every phase of the project really made us happy. I’d without hesitation recommend Amy Lynn to all.”

- Carissa Couture

“While working with Amy I got to see how she cares deeply about her clients and goes above and beyond every step of the way. She’s extremely organized, works very well with budgets and has an incredible eye for detail. Amy is always on top of things and quickly adjusts where needed. As mentioned she really goes the extra mile for her clients. She enjoys working hard to make magic happen and her passion doesn’t go unnoticed.”

- Jessica Desrosiers

“Amy is a well rounded, kind, knowledgeable and professional interior designer who I have worked with numerous times within the industry. I have had the pleasure of working with Amy and would love to work with her again when the opportunity arises.”

- Gina McCullough

“If you are looking for an interior designer who puts 110% into any project, big or small, Amy is that designer. Amy gives her undivided attention into every single detail. From aligning grout lines to the corners of shower niches, learning about the client’s day to day schedules so the design best reflects it, and never giving up when sourcing materials. No detail is too small for Amy. She goes above and beyond to keep herself knowledgeable of new design trends, installation methods and new technology she can use for a project. Despite her busy schedule, Amy never fails to make you and your project feel like it is at the top of the list. Amy’s honesty and modesty as a designer sets her apart because she will admit to when she makes a mistake and she will take the time to learn from it.”

- Meghan Haskell

“We came across Amy while searching for an interior designer and we chose her because she stood out amongst the rest. Amy is a passionate designer and makes the entire process go over as planned. We loved working with Amy Lynn Interiors and loved how everything came together in the end. Amy has a great personality and is a great interior designer, we definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a designer.”

- Aniella Neiva

“Amy is the best you can get when it comes to interior design! I have worked with her on numerous projects and can attest to her professionalism, her attention to detail and her great communication skills. Coupled with her bright personality and how easy it feels to work with her, I would recommend Amy to everyone!”

- Katelyn McDermott

“From the perspective of a fine home builder/renovator, there are not enough good things I could say about Amy and Amy Lynn Interiors. The skills that Amy and her team bring to the table are unmatched. With their ability to deliver unique designs and Amy’s eye for detail, everything is thought out and built with remarkable precision. Amy is a very talented designer whose visions surpass your typical designer. Amy and her team are skilled in creating timeless and functional designs that can withstand anything. For anyone who is searching for an amazing designer who provides great service, I can say with no hesitation that Amy is the person you are looking for.”

- Sky House Company

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