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My name is Amy Lynn Allard and I am the owner of Amy Lynn Interiors. I opened my Interior Design firm in 2018. Prior to establishing my own firm, I spent several years within the design community. This revolved mainly around specializing in high end kitchens and baths. During this time I became a specialist in the technical aspects surrounding cabinetry, lighting and functional designs. It is from this foundation that I was able to bring to life not only an incredible design but one that is thoughtfully and technically planned out. We thrive for minimal afterthoughts.

While we are not an architect firm and we don’t proclaim to be interior decorators, colleagues have been known to describe working with us as if an architect and an interior decorator had a baby, that baby’s name would be Amy Lynn Interiors. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to find like minded tradesmen and women to collaborate with. We found that the most successful projects always start with a great team. When it comes to executing on projects at a high level it takes like minded individuals who strive for excellence and thrive in collaborative environments. This is who we are and this is whom we surround ourselves with.

If you were to ask me why I am so passionate about helping others by designing their home, I would tell you it’s simple. When I hear the vision of my clients and grasp their goals the project reveals itself almost instantly in my mind. I get very excited when I can see the completed result clearly in my designer mind and simply cannot wait to put together a plan so that my clients can see what I see and share in that excitement. This is what sparks my burning passion.

“A well designed home isn’t something you can fully explain but it is something you can absolutely feel.”

– Amy Lynn

From the first meeting with Amy Lynn Interiors you’re going to immediately feel confident and assured as you witness her diligence firsthand and begin to realize that she treats every design as if it were her own. It is very much like hiring a travel agent to plan an amazing vacation and every step of the planning you’re getting more excited about the travels. Then it comes time for the trip and you’ve got no doubt in your mind you’re going to have the time of your life. This is the same feeling you’ll get throughout the design process. There will be a turning point where all of the up front conversations and designs created come to life before your eyes. Our goal is to unfold our clients lifestyle and blend it with their taste for design in a functional way. We don’t desire to have a “certain look” for all of our designs, we strive heavily on creating a space that reflects our clients.

“I know our biggest strength here at Amy Lynn Interiors is listening. Listening ultimately creates the designs.”

– Amy Allard

To make sure you’re selecting the right designer for you, you’re going to want to see first and foremost if your personalities align. You’ll be speaking with us frequently throughout the course of your renovation. It is important to understand how involved you’d like to be in the design process. In the beginning there will be a few lengthy meetings that are critical to the success of the design. If you’re wanting to see some of our previous work hop over to our portfolio page. If you are wanting to see some of our ongoing work hop over to our Instagram profile. We are based out of Boston, Massachusetts and set up to work anywhere in the country.

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It was for a lovely lady named Cathy-Leanne. She downsized from a 2400 square foot home to a 1700 square foot condo. When it came to her master bathroom she felt it missed the mark by a long shot. As she put it, “I don’t want to be reminded that I am 78 years young every time I can’t get around in this bathroom.” As she’s venting about all of this; I’m mentally taking notes; she needs the vanity to be at a comfortable height, I need to uncover her routine and create a space that is easily accessible. I had asked her what her morning routine was; and her response was this; “I am an early riser, while my tea is brewing I go up to wash my face, brush my teeth, you know – the usual morning routines. I then take a quick shower to wake up and lounge until about 6:30am to which I then put makeup on to get ready for the day.” Then I asked her what her nightly routine was. “Amy, this is where I struggle. I’m so tired at the end of the day. Most days I forget my medicine in the fridge before I take my nightly bath. In my old house the kitchen and master were very close to one another but my current condo is not as convenient. A highlight to my night is usually a glass of wine while bathing and reading for an hour.” I instantly knew what would change her life and better her routines. I share this so you can get a glimpse of how my mind works and why we ask a lot of questions that may not seem relevant at first but trust it will later. For Cathy-Leanne I knew a small wine fridge or a fridge drawer within her vanity could save her some troubles. We could even panel it so it’d look like a normal bathroom vanity and only she’d know. We needed to be sure to find her a tub she had no issues getting in and out out as well. These conversations are so important as a designer because we’re trying to uncover small things that’ll make the biggest impacts. I know our biggest strength here at Amy Lynn Interiors is listening. Listening ultimately creates the designs.

If you’re not sure the style or functionality your lifestyle calls for; not to worry we have a series of ways to uncover this. Schedule a consultation and we’ll set up a meeting to do so. We will follow up with a few dates and times to meet. If there are any particular days and times that work best, please be sure to let us know.


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