It is common to look for Interior Design Boston to make a small room feel bigger. With our skilled team and creative minds, we can most definitely create a plan that will utilize your space the best. Sometimes there are things that you never knew you didn’t need, or you didn’t know could be replaced with something more efficient. For example, a common bathroom component is a shower- tub combination. These shower-tub combinations usually have dimensions of five feet by three feet. depending on your lifestyle, we can replace this with something much smaller. For example, if you rarely use the tub part of the shower, there is typically no need for it. In that sense, we can shorten the length that the shower is taking up, by adding a stand up shower in the bathroom. These typically are no more than three feet by three feet. While on paper this does not seem like a big space, three feet on each side of someone is actually a lot of room when standing. Try taking a tape measure and marking out a three by three area on the floor and stand in the center of it. then you will see exactly how much room you have.

Bathtub changes are not the only option for bathroom Interior Design Boston. Another way to create more space in a bathroom is by adding in a deeper sink that is shorter in width. This creates the optical illusion that the sink is much bigger than it is. The space gained by shortening the sink will freeze up several inches of counter space, making the counter space feel much larger. that allows for more storage on top of the counter space. Another way to create more space in a bathroom is by the arrangement of each of the components. moving the physical location of the sink, bathtub, and toilet can free up a surprising amount of space. think of it like a puzzle. you just have to move the pieces around until you find something that fits right.

Another way to think about Interior Design Boston is To compare it to folding laundry. Have you ever noticed that folding jeans a certain way takes up less space than folding the same jeans a different way? Or simply the way you hang clothing items on a hanger in a closet can free up space on your closet racks.

Renovating a room works the same way as folding laundry in the closet because you can take the same item, make it around in a different position, and end up with way more space. This is a very handy technique, because it works in all sorts of situations.

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Interior Design Boston | How to make the most out of your space

It is amazing how much space can be accidentally wasted just by the arrangement of components of Interior Design Boston. Luckily, our team knows exactly how to use the extra space that is being wasted and eliminate any free space. you would be surprised how adding certain shelves or arranging certain furniture can change the life of a room. even the wall and ceiling height can affect the way that a space is perceived. yWe often hear of renovations that include knocking down walls to free up more space. The truth is, the space was always there, it just was not utilized in the best way that it could be. This is often true when deciding to create open floor plans.

The reason that open floor plans feel so much bigger than a space of the same size that has walls is simply because of the optical illusion created by Interior Design Boston. walls around an area make the area feel confined and smaller. It is similar to the feeling of claustrophobia. Perhaps you have heard the phrase “ the walls are caving in.” This phrase is used to describe a Feeling of claustrophobia and helplessness. An open floor plan allows room to breathe and room to see everything around you. An open floor plan also creates the illusion of more space because you can see further. walls are an obstacle that you have to go around and you cannot see through.

Have you ever noticed that the Interior Design Boston of a dining area can change just based on the placement of the dining table? Placing a table in one spot could make a room feel smaller than it really is, but simply moving the table to a different angle can make the dining room feel more open. the same silly, because the dimensions of the room did not change, so there is actually not any extra room just by moving a table. The room itself still contains the same amount of space but the placement of the items in the room makes the room feel different.

You can compare this in a similar way to organizing. Have you ever noticed that organizing an area literally just means moving things around until they feel better? When you organize, you typically don’t get rid of anything. you just move it from place to place until it feels picked up unless overwhelming. interior design is the same way. you do not have to get rid of everything you own just to design an area. it is all about moving your items around until they fit together like a puzzle to offer the best utilization of space.

If you find that an area of space that you have seems small, and cannot seem to figure out how to make it feel larger, let our team of experts offer you suggestions and help you out. to get an idea of how we utilize space, just visit our website To speak with us about getting started ,call us at 207-406-0252.